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Crocodile Consulting, LLC. was formed to offer law firms case & practice management software, marketing, advertising, financial analysis, and administrative management advice & solutions. The firm was named Crocodile Consulting to reflect today's business environment of survival of the fittest. We help organizations to adapt, survive and thrive and provide clients with creative management solutions to problems and develop information systems for informed decision-making. We also establish systems and procedures to increase productivity.

Leonard Caldwell, the president of Crocodile Consulting, LLC. has 27 years of business experience, including four start-ups in the U.S. and in Europe. His international experience includes European and Asian export representation for Bernhardt, Basset Furniture, Dar-Ran and Harden Furniture. During his career he helped the Winston-Salem Chamber of Commerce organize a visit of 15 foreign consuls to that city.

While acting as business & administrative manager for a multi-office law firm in North Carolina, Mr. Caldwell came to realize the many needs of a law practice and developed tools to improve their efficiency, expand the client base and dramatically improve their profitability.

During his decade with the law firm, he performed accounting tasks & produced effective advertising and marketing campaigns for TV and print. In addition, he designed, developed & installed two separate case & practice management software programs to maintain information on clients and their cases.

Let us demonstrate how we put creative ideas into action, solve your problems, and generate profitable results for you. Our philosophy is "Survival of the Fittest" through Creative Management Solutions.