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The Success of you and your firm depends not only on your ability to stay abreast of legal developments, but also of administrative strategies and computer technologies designed to support your practice. Crocodile Consulting, LLC. is a law practice management consulting firm with expertise targeted towards those areas that allow you to deliver legal services faster, less expensively, and to grow your client base. Crocodile Consulting provides functional knowledge and sound experience to achieving a highly profitable and competitive practice.

     Dynamic Work Flow Procedures

We establish effective work flow strategies and procedures in your organization to eliminate redundancies and inefficiencies.

     Productive Document Organization

We eliminate searching for lost files and provide the tools to make document production, editing, merging and storage seamless.

     Staff Evaluation and Training

We train your staff on a regular basis to ensure they remain proficient and adhere to established procedures within the firm.

     Growing Client Base with Effective Marketing & Advertising

We secure and maintain awareness among potential clients through professionally-designed advertising and marketing campaigns for Internet, TV and print.

     Financial Analysis

We use your financial data to show you how to make informed management decisions and better understand how your practice can increase revenues and control expenses.

     Leading-edge Technology Infrastructure

We’ve developed the leading case management software product used in law firms today.

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